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Mission Statement

TREEGUY.com began with the intentions of better service and quality of everything that is done within our industry. Our teams’ ambitions are to constantly progress in this profession of work and to keep you–the customer–number one. It is very important that our employees excel in doing great work and leaving each and every customer with a smile on their face. We take full responsibility and pride in every project our company moves forward in. You can count on us to set the example of how tree care is and should be performed. For the health of your trees and satisfaction of your needs contact TREEGUY.com—the tree service you can trust!

How We Serve You

Dangerous and Difficult Tree Removal

Some common difficulties of successfully removing a tree includes power lines, improper equipment, dead trees, and of course good ol’ gravity. Successfully removing a tree takes people who are professionally trained and who have knowledge of tree physics, biology, dangerous tools, and the many techniques of cutting. Our employees are properly trained to handle the toughest of situations in tree removal and to make good judgement on what equipment and personnel to use for each project. We remove trees with a powerline-certified climber, and in some situations when the tree is too dead, we will use a bucket truck to ensure the safety of your property and our climbers. There is no tree around to difficult and dangerous for us to remove. We are the true pros in the industry.


Pruning is essential for healthy trees and for the safety of your home and family. With the right knowledge and equipment, we will prune your trees as necessary to maintain their beauty and health and also to remove any potential hazardous dead branches that can fall on you while you’re working in the lawn or hurt children playing around the trees. There are different levels of pruning, ranging from lite to fine pruning. We will evaluate and explain to you what steps should be taken to benefit you and your trees. You will be left with both your trees and yourself in the very best health possible.

Many home owners try to prune their own trees and often hurt or hospitalize themselves in the process. Please don’t let that happen to you! Be Smart and call the guys trained for it.

Year Round Tree Care

There is always a need for tree care, even in the winter. Because of ice and snow accumulation on tree limbs, they tend to break in inconvenient places like driveways, rooftops, and over vehicles. We are here to help maintain your trees from January through December.

We prune trees in spring and fall months, since pruning a tree in the extreme temperatures of summer and winter months can put a tree in shock and lead to their death. We perform tree removal all year round. Whether it be snowing, raining, hot, or cold, we’re always ready to crank out the saws and get to work.

Green Recycling

We believe that once tree wastes leave a yard that they should have a second life. When we recycle tree branches, they are taken to a green waste recycling center where they will be processed into compost fertilizer for lawn care. Basically, the trimmings go from your trees to the gardens.

Large logs are recycled in different ways. Larger logs are sometimes taken to a mill where they will be cut in boards and used for lumber for building homes. Smaller pieces are used for pulp wood which is taken to a paper mill and tuned into the very journals we wright in or papers we read. In other cases, we will process it into firewood which is then sold to our clients, who use wood stoves for heating in the winter season. Pine trees cannot be used for firewood because of the creosol they leave in chimneys can cause house fires, so they are generally recycled into pulp wood, mulch, or plywood. None of the trees we cut go to waste, but are recycled to become beneficial for our daily needs.

About Us

TREEGUY.com has been in the tree care industry since 1982. We are a fully insured and licensed tree service with a broad span of clients. Our company is family-owned and operated by Rocky J. Zucha and Caleb A. Zucha, who have established a trusted name within the industry and are always available to consult with our clients if needed. When contacting our company, you’re not just dealing with the normal everyday tree service, instead you’re choosing a company that will go the extra mile for you. For liability purposes, we will ensure your safety from hazardous trees, as well as protect the aesthetics and integrity of your valuable trees.

Many companies that deal in both a commercial and residential based clients usually are more concerned about their commercial contracts because those are their big money makers. Don’t allow these other high priced companies to quote you a commercial price for a residential job. We separate the borders and will always look at our residential clients to be just as important as our commercial clients. Our company is a local and Christian-ran tree service. We live to serve, protect, and stay honest with you the customer. You will remember us as an affordable solution in tree care and be able to form a personal relationship with our employees. Each time you contact us you will see a face you remember and know we’re only a call away. You can’t go wrong with TREEGUY.com.

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